Holmes Torque-Master BR-Mini Dual ESC

BR-Mini Dual
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 This is a high performance product, not a stock replacement part intended for a specific vehicle. As such, you will need to find your own system limits for each system. Happy tuning! 

The TorqueMaster BR Mini Dual is the shrunken version of the BR-XL with two ESCs stacked into one small package. Perfect for weight conscious crawlers, off road trucks, robotics, servomotor and winch use. It has been designed from scratch to meet the rigorous demands of low speed control and high torque density. 

Comes stock with Auto lipo LVC, Full drag brake, instant reverse, and 100% reverse throttle settings.

1 year warranty 

6v to 25v input, external BEC suggested for all installations. 

30a continuous, 80a burst 

6v 0.5amp linear BEC @ 7.4v input 

Brushed only 

Stick and Castle Link programming compatible 

Reverse and brake adjustment 

Throttle and Brake curve adjustment 

Regenerative Drag Brake 

Active Hold Brake (The Holmes Hold!) 

Quiet mode 

Built with 6" of 14g battery wire, 6" of 16g front exiting wire, and 10" of 16g rear exiting wire. 

Recommended for competitive RC Rock Crawling and Off Road Truck environments, and 30a or less (per channel) robotic use.

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