CK "Aluminum box" silver small

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1x CK "Alukiste" silver small
Length: 57mm (without handles)
Width: 35mm
Height: 22mm
Removable lid, box can be filled.
Printing and quality:
All our CK 3D printing parts are produced in our company on a 3D printer.
Due to the printing process, visible and perceptible structures are present, which however can be eliminated by grinding work.
The products are also adhesive and varnishable, but in general they can also be used directly without reworking. Some products do not have the stiffness or strength to use them, they primarily serve the look.
General information about the PLA used by us Material:
Polylactide, or PLA (polylactic acid), is a biodegradable plastic (biopolymer) made from renewable raw materials such as corn starch or sugar cane.

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