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MBH RC-Modellbau
Modellbau Heinzinger GmbH -

We are your specialized dealer for radio controlled model building
in the Scaler and Crawler area.
We are known in the scene since 2009 under the name "Crawlerkeller-Shop".

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions
or problems 
by e-mail.


AX08140 1.9 Walker Evans Wheels-Chrome/Black (2pcs.)

AX08140 1.9 Walker Evans...

instead 17,90 EUR
only 12,90 EUR

Team Speed Mind Serdertasche 09"...

instead 28,90 EUR
only 24,90 EUR

Allen Wrench .050x60mm

Allen Wrench .050x60mm

instead 9,90 EUR
only 4,90 EUR

Tekin B1R Power Cap, 180uf, 16V

Tekin B1R Power Cap, 180uf, 16V

instead 5,90 EUR
only 3,00 EUR

Radiopost Servo Speed green 4,8-8,4V 0,07

Radiopost Servo Speed green 4,8-8,4V...

instead 109,90 EUR
only 90,00 EUR

MIP S-Drive rebuild kit

MIP S-Drive rebuild kit

instead 14,90 EUR
only 10,90 EUR

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